What Are The Actors In The Cast Up To In 2019?

The streets of Paris in the 17th century echoed with bravery and frolic as the trained royal soldiers roamed around them. In order to capture this scenario, Paul W.S. Anderson and Jeremy Bolt decided to recreate Alexandre Dumas’s classic tale, by adapting it into a film and releasing it in 2011. Since then the cast of ‘The Musketeer’ has taken up varied other projects to leave their mark in the industry. Let’s take a look at what they’ve been up to this year!

D’Artagnan Played By Justin Chambers

The model was appointed to play this legendary role at a young age of 31. He started off modelling with brands like Calvin Klein and Dolce & Gabanna. He was noticed while in this profession to play the part of the main hero in ‘The Musketeer’. Currently he’s in the main cast in the popular TV series, ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ as Dr. Alex Karev. A role that has gotten him a lot of recognition and love so much so that he’s won several awards including People’s Choice and the prestigious Screen Actors Guild. 

Febre Played By Tim Roth

Made in Britain’ was this English actor’s first step into the world of cinema after which it’s has been a shoot to success for him. His role as a villain in the film ‘The Musketeer’ was well-acclaimed and since then has added many more worthy roles to his resume. In 2019, he has been slated to release two films. ‘Luce’ is an American drama where he plays the role of Peter Edgar. The second is the much-spoken about Tarantino project ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’ with huge names like Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio and Margot Robbie also a part of it.

Cardinal Richelieu Played By Stephen Rea

One of the names that will be remembered for being a big part of Hollywood would be the Irish actor, Stephen Rea, for acting in a number of legendary works. He’s been part of films such as V for Vendetta, The Devil’s Mercy and many more. Since his villainous role in ‘The Musketeer’, Stephen Rae has probably released, sometimes more than one, film in a year. Recently, he contributed his skills in the film ‘Greta’ and the TV series ‘Thanksgiving’. His movie ‘Black 47’ is also much spoken about for its depiction of the Great Famine struggle of an Irish Ranger.

Francesca Played By Mena Suvari

She made news some time ago for secretly getting hitched for the third time to Michael Hope. Mena Suvari is known for her powerful acting as the main female character in ‘The Musketeer’. In 2019, she has been offered a cast in ‘Grace and Grit’ opposite Frances Fisher which is an adaptation of a novel by Ken Wilber. It will show the journey of Mena’s character going through life ordeals based on a true story. She’s also starring in two films this year – ‘The Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson’ and ‘Don’t Tell A Soul’ that will enrich her already varied career choices. The first is based on a true murder case while the second is a drama thriller based on the lives of two brothers who steal for a good deed.

Sis Loves Me

SisLovesMe - Brand Name

Sis Loves Me is the very-well known series that features the best when it comes to sticky situations between step siblings. Being set in POV kind of videos it is just like were there. Dealing with bratty step sisters you end up having a special moments with them. Sis Loves Me is updated with over 200 episodes and it still continues to provide the very fine content up to today.

Despite the end of ‘The Musketeer’ on screening, the actors have made a mark in the heart of their viewers and gained a loyal fan following. Till date many platforms talk about the success of the film as well as many studies the aspects of the same. We hope the actors in the cast continue to act so that such masterpieces can be produced, critiqued and discussed in the future as well!

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