Plot Summary
The Musketeer
Action, Adventure, Romance
The Musketeer
1h 44min
Germany | Luxembourg | UK | USA

The movie starts with a young boy named D´Artagnan witnessing an evil man in black named Febre murdering his parents in cold blood. The murderer is the main henchman of the powerful Cardinal Richelieu. Once the little boy´s father is killed, he defends himself with his dad´s sword, injuring Febre’s face and blinding him in one eye. Long-time family friend Planchet takes D´Artagnan with him, saving his life. Planchet himself had once been a musketeer, a member of the devoted squad protecting King Louis XIII.

The main role is played by young actor Justin Chambers who, at the time, was only 31 years old.Read More
The main villain role is shared between Tim Roth and Stephen Rea as Febre and Cardinal Richelieu.Read More
Veteran Irish actor Stephen Rea played a key role as the regretful cardinal who realizes he’s gone too far in the middle of the movie.Read More
The main female character is played by Mena Suvari, the beautiful American actress who began her career as a model in the early 1990s.Read More
Influences For Current Movies

The Musketeer and its fabulous story inspired many current productions.

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Athos (right) and Porthos (left) with Aramis.

The Musketeers

King & Queen - The Musketeer

Kings & Lords

Ambush and chasedown scene

Other Characters

The cast of The Musketeer is led by Hollywood stars such as Stephen Rea, Tim Roth and Justin Chambers, but the secondary actors for the remaining roles are very well-known in the acting world. The key for directors with a limited budget is to choose wisely, creating a supportive and talented set of secondary characters that will aid and uplift the main actors without breaking the bank.


Awards And Nominations

The Musketeer was a big-budget Hollywood production released in 2001 but wasn´t a great commercial or critical success. The film couldn´t cover the production costs and wasn´t nominated for any major academy awards.

Composer David Arnold

Composer David Arnold

The only award nomination went to veteran David Arnold, a Grammy and Emmy award-winner, and very well-known Hollywood composer who has worked on five James Bond movies, Independence Day, Godzilla and many others. He received a nomination for the Gold Spirit Awards which are devoted almost exclusively to soundtracks and movie-related music. The award was just starting out in 2001 when the British composer for The Musketeer was nominated in the category Best Action Soundtrack, but came second.

The Box Office

Released Sep 7 2001
40M Budget
Rank #1 in 1st Week
61M Earnings
99 Reviews